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Ashteroth-Does she manifest today?

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Ashteroth-Does She Manifest Today?

Noah McHugh has done some excellent study on ancient Ashteroth.  Is she still being worshiped today?  It seems we find her worship today without even knowing the traditions we follow are the same methods used for centuries.  Here’s a hint…it has to do with Jeremiah 10:1-4 and is called “the way of the heathen”.  And, oh by the way, it has to do with bringing a tree into your house. 

When the pagan roots of this are pointed out to people, we hear one of two typical answers…either, “It doesn’t mean that to me,”  or “I can sanctify anything I want.” 

To the first excuse, Rico Cortes has a really good, right to the point, answer:  “Well, I don’t worship you, I worship the Father, and it does mean that to him.” 

To the second, we have two examples of the Father’s reaction to “sanctifying anything I want..” when we see the golden calf being dedicated to the Lord and also when we see Aaron’s two sons taking the strange fire to the Lord.  Not doing it the way the Father wanted led to death in both cases. 

Now Noah, following in his father Michael’s footsteps, has done the research

finding the scriptural link in the picture he has assembled.

   A woman, a tree, and a snake-Hmmm





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