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Prophecy-The Elijah Message-Part 3

In Prophecy, Written Teachings | on May, 06, 2013 | by

Previously, we found the Elijah message to be an End Times message and, therefore, a message to believers today. This means every aspect of the event should have relevance and help us understand the events going on around us as well as what may be coming. It needs to be understood, however, the Bible is […]

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Prophecy-The Elijah Message-Part 2

In Prophecy, Written Teachings | on May, 04, 2013 | by

In the last blog, it was pointed out that the Elijah message, is something prophesied to happen before Yeshua/Jesus returns. This makes it relevant for today and the reader was challenged to study it carefully for additional clues. In this blog, let’s look at a few more clues. First off, we have to look at […]

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Prophecy-The Elijah Message-Part 1

In Prophecy, Written Teachings | on May, 03, 2013 | by

The Elijah Message Years ago I asked my pastor, “What is the message of Elijah.” His answer was, “It is the restoration of all things.” Then, reading about John the Baptist, we find he was preaching repentance. These two messages don’t quite blend. Yet we are aware the spirit of Elijah was in John and […]

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