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Dr. Doug Hays (and Co.) Health Helps for the Brethren

In Events | on November, 20, 2016 | by

Dr. Doug Hays Y’all are in for an eye-opening time with Doug and Maureen and Katie as they share many secrets to staying well while staying away from the medical community.  Ever wonder why doctors call it a practice?  Maybe it’s because they haven’t mastered all the concepts.  Who knows?  Anyway, Doug and company have […]

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Passover, Setting the Date-2016

In Blog, Events, John's Blog, Passover, Teachings | on March, 14, 2016 | by

PASSOVER, SETTING THE DATE-2016 ~ THE “WHY” OF APRIL 22 Every year we seem to face the same dilemma, “When do we celebrate Passover and what criteria do we follow?” Since the first month is called the month of the Abib (Aviv), and since the Feast of First Fruits requires two sheaves of ripe barley, […]

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