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Another Joseph’s Thoughts

In Inmate Wisdom | on April, 29, 2018 | by

Another Joseph’s Wisdom  I don’t know why, but the wisdom I’m recording here seems to come from one Joseph or another.  This second Joseph had two really strong points to […]

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Joseph’s Thoughts

In Inmate Wisdom, Teachings | on April, 29, 2018 | by

Inmate Joseph’s Thoughts: In discussing the concept of man-made religion and denominationalism in the Church today, Joseph X made the following observation:  “Do I believe it because it is true, […]

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Inmate Wisdom

In Inmate Wisdom, Jail Happenings | on April, 29, 2018 | by

Inmate Wisdom As our Jail Ministry progresses and the inmates gather greater understanding of the Father and His plans for his people, they share some really deep thoughts and wisdom.  […]

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