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Jade Helm, Blood Moons, Shmitah Year…Thoughts

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Jade Helm, Blood Moons, Sh’mitah Year…Thoughts

By Anonymous

(Note to our faithful readers:  This article is contributed by the famous author, “Anonymous”.  With all the hype on the internet about these individual topics, we thought you might find the author’s insights refreshing and thought provoking.  Although the topic may seem to be slightly outside the norm of the posts here, we feel it does fall under the category of prophecy.  What do you think?  Feel free to share your thoughts.)

Somebody asked me a while back what were my thoughts on the Jade Helm military exercise on our southern border this fall. I don’t do all the heebie jeebie conspiracy crap. But, as I look at this situation, and with it being the Sh’mitah year concluding this fall, and given the previous two Sh’mitah’s, I do have a thought or two about it.

First, when I was really young, (pre Viet Nam) the military had an un-announced military training exercise in the wooly woods where I grew up on the upper Jacks Fork River. They did their thing and then left as quickly as they came. No harm no foul, other than scaring the crap out of the locals who woke up one day to a different world. No one really knew anything much, other than these were our guys and they were training to keep us safe as a nation so they were to be respected and not to be interfered with. That was then. I question now though.

I am all for a strong military presence on our southern border. I am for a strong military presence on ALL our borders for that matter. I do believe our military needs to train and have training exercises so they are able to protect and defend America and American interests any where in the world. So I have no problem with training exercises. However, I question this exercise, and it’s timing and placement. I would like to embrace the notion that our government’s top leaders are concerned about our national security, but, looking at Iraq now and remembering Benghazi, (and I’m sure Iran is really coming around with Kerry’s guidance) I just can’t.

Given the current social unrest riding a razor edge, a government who by and large doesn’t seem to have the conservative peoples interests at heart, cities that are ready to explode in violence, Isis flags in Ferguson and Baltimore, to mention just a few things, there is something I ponder . . . Suppose this Sh’mitah year concludes with a larger financial collapse dwarfing the previous two in 2001 & 2008? With so many fuses smoldering in our society, not to mention the multitude of global concerns from Isis to China, Russia, Iran etc. etc. would it take so much of an event, either man made or natural catastrophe, to fully ignite major chaos within and beyond our borders? Would it take so much for the military to extend their exercises given some pretext to include early September? Not really.

If such a trigger occurs, and I should say “when the trigger occurs” where are people going to go? Where are non-violent/unarmed/unprotected people going to find safety? Suppose there are angry, violent people in masses, not in isolated pockets in cities, but in virtually every county of the lower 48 states. There will be an equal and opposite effect of large amounts of non-violent people seeking escape.

If these events began on the Biblical calendar date of the last day of the Sh’mitah year where would the escaping population go? Remember, by September it’s getting cold in the northern states, not exactly an ideal location for refuge. That leaves south. Warm climate, food, semi hospitable conditions which would at least buy time to figure out what to do next.

But then we have a convenient barrier in place that wasn’t there before . . . A multiagency / multinational, fully armed force already in place to control the population. And at that point people will be quite willing to accept any semblance of safety and security. No matter how invasive to personal liberties. A very convenient military exercise indeed.

Some of you who will receive this have never heard of the Sh’mitah (say Sh-mee-tah) year or know of it’s profound significance. I can assure you our government does at this point, because they have been told very plainly by a Messianic Jew named Jonathan Cahn speaking in the White House face to face. I can also assure you the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and His Salvation still keeps all His calendar dates very precisely to the day. And for those of you who have no idea when the last day of the Sh’mitah is, the Gregorian calendar date is Sunday Sept. 13, 2015. What will happen that week-end? What will you do if something does happen? And most importantly, how well do you know the God of Creation written about in the Hebrew Scriptures?

So there it is folks. My answer to one man’s question concerning Jade Helm. My thoughts, my ponderings in my mind, written out in an email for others to read as well. Food for thought, and perhaps not so far fetched. And probably a few typos as well! 🙂


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