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Random Thoughts-Blessing and Curses-Prophecy

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Blessings and Curses:

Leviticus 26 has a list of blessings and curses that will come to God’s people (covenant people) based upon their behavior. There are several points that could be made here, but right now let’s just deal with one: our nation, the United States, was founded by believers and who made a covenant at the founding. This began with the Pilgrims and continued to George Washington and the other signers of the Constitution. They, along with signing, prayed and dedicated the nation to the Father. This happened in New York across the street from the Trade Centers. If you’ve not read The Harbinger, you need to understand the full significance of the event(s).

The point is simple. Scripture emphasizes that the people of a nation are bound by the covenant(s) entered into by their founders. And so, the blessings and curses enumerated in Leviticus 26 have application for us today.

We see this nation being blessed historically. We were the most blessed in the world, and an example of the blessings coming from obedience. It becomes obvious the Father was showing off the benefit of this obedience to his word to the entire world.

And so, now our nation has moved 180 degrees from obedience. We have officially kicked the Father out of our nation. He is no longer acceptable; the Supreme Court has said so. His word is being replaced by the Koran. His commandments can no longer be displayed on or in public buildings, and on and on. Baby killing is acceptable and, above all, public policy.

In Leviticus 26, the first verses list his blessings for obedience. After this, come the curses. He makes the statement after each group of 7, “If you don’t RETURN to me, (or the equivalent) then it will get even worse for you.”
The Father is not a liar. If he blessed this nation for the whole world to see, then he is obligated to make an example, again to the entire world, of the consequences of disobedience.

Brothers, hang on to your hats and keep the faith. Remember he saved the Hebrew children in the midst of the furnace, not from the furnace.

Just a thought.

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