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By Lynn Greuter

As a believer in Yeshua, the Hope of Salvation, I am always thinking of the next upcoming biblical event that God has written about so that we are aligned with His will and ways.  Not only aligned in His will, but also where specific events have occurred biblically, and the biblical months in which they occurred, as they have the potential to repeat themselves. 

With this as a framework my thoughts lately have been geared toward Purim, the Feast of Lots, recorded in the book of Esther.  While this is still a few weeks away I have begun to contem-plate, and anticipate, the circumstances of biblical record while watching personal and world events.  Purim is a historical event recorded for future generations as a remembrance of the ever present and watchful eye of God to guard and protect his covenant people the nation of Israel.

A very brief overview of the book of Esther finds the exiled nation of Israel in the final years of captivity under the rule of the Persian king Ahasuerus who has taken a young Jewish girl (Hadassah/Esther) to be queen.   Esther an orphan, raised by her cousin Mordechai, finds that an irreversible evil decree has went forth that is meant to annihilate her people the Jews.  The initiator of the decree was an evil and occultic man named Haman.  Booo!!!  (Those ever in a synagogue understand the “boo”, those who don’t perhaps should investigate.)  At risk of death, and following Mordechai’s instructions, Esther petitions the king that her people be able to rise up and defend themselves.   Finding the favor of God her life was spared, her cousin Mordechai was promoted to second in charge of the kingdom, the evil Haman was hung upon the gallows, and eleven months later her people allowed to defend themselves, killing the ten sons of Haman and their followers.  Thus we find a young girl who was placed in a harrowing position, at the correct time, was the chosen instrument used to thwart pure evil and preserve her people.  Yearly her acts of bravery, her cousin’s guidance, and her God’s Protection is celebrated as the day of Purim on the 14th day of Adar.

As in all things, biblical, as mentioned previously, these events and times are prone to repeat themselves in future generations.  The powers of the occult are definitely noted biblically.  Repeatedly God warns to not to participate in rituals of these origins.  It doesn’t say to ignore them for they are very real.  God himself stepped in and turned the occultic powers of Baalim to nothing in the Book of Numbers, Saul was able to manipulate the witch of Endor to raise the dead prophet Samuel, even certain geographical areas are controlled to an extent by evil angels according to the Book of Daniel, not to mention the effects of the occultic men of Egypt employed by Pharaoh. 

Having said all this, the reason I am writing because the cycle is in play again, and on time.  This year’s date for Purim is March12th.  The kingdom of Ahasuerus is the current day land of Iran.  And Iran continues to rise up in power with the goal of not only the annihilation of Israel but also America.  We must remember that Haman, a foreign citizen and diplomat of Iran, consulted the occult by casting lots (pur) to divine the correct time to proceed with his evil plan.  He did this for eleven months.  In the latest news (February 2017) we find that the occult is sending out a call to all witches in the world to begin casting binding spells beginning on Feb.  24th upon the current President of America, Donald J. Trump.  This publicly reported call to bind is coming just seventeen days before Haman received his occultic answer to begin his plans.

Our families, nation, and our president must be protected.  We must resist and stand as a people chosen in such a time as this.  Rising up in word and deed, in prayers and fasting, that this falls to the ground, an ineffectual effort to destroy all we hold dear.   There is indeed a spiritual battle raging with the evidences manifesting in the physical world.  This president has committed to defending Israel, our God centered constitution, and the restoration of the rule of law. 

These things will be violently opposed in the spiritual and physical realms.   Far from a political view point, this message is centered and intended to warn that the effects of an unchecked assault upon President Trump will adversely affect everyone who hungers and thirsts for righteousness in this nation.   

I beg you all to stand in unison, in one faith, in one God and one Savior and oppose the evil.  Please send this on, read it in your study groups, give it to your pastors, priests, and rabbis.   For we are called to be the armies of the Living God, girded with the whole armor of God and wielding the Sword of the Word of God, that such evil will return swiftly and suddenly back upon the heads of those who send it.

Do not be foolish and dismiss this as the ranting of a zealot.  Those of you who know me know that because of my past, I retain the knowledge of what the world of the occult consists of.  The danger is real and the time is upon us all.  May God give us the ability to go from Strength to Strength. 


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