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The 17th of Tammuz

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The 17th of Tammuz

While today July 4th 2015 is a day for Americans to remember our freedoms there is another calendar date that begs to be remembered. A Biblical date. A date of foreboding and dread for what has happened in the past, and potential problems soon approaching. Today was the biblical date of the 17th of Tammuz, the fourth month on the ceremonial calendar. This day biblically begins a period of three weeks known as The Dire Straights. A period of time in which the nation of Israel has despaired since the Exodus from Egypt and concludes on the 9th day of the fifth month, the month of Av. A period of time in which Israel fasts both on the beginning and the conclusion of these Three Weeks. A period noted specifically by the prophet Jeremiah in Lamentations 1:3; ” ….all her persecutors overtook her between the straights”.

This period of time has had notable events surrounding it, the Golden Calf, the bad report of the Land by those who chose to scout it out for themselves, the destruction of both Temples by Nebuchadnezzar and Titus, the expulsion from Spain in 1492, and the beginning of the first World War, as well as many other since then. Simple research on line will reveal other incidents.

Rather than give you any further history lesson I suggest we look at current events for today. First, let us remember that the nation of Israel is 8hrs ahead of Central time in America. That places any event that happens there as our yesterday basically. Yesterday on the Israeli calendar date of the 17th of Tammuz the first Isis rocket attack was carried out on Israeli soil. A new active target for them on an important biblical day. As their first day of the fast was underway the first rockets from Isis rained down. Coincidence???

But also, in my opinion, something much worse happened on our 17th day of Tammuz. Today, John Kerry announced the draft of easing sanctions on Iran opening the door for a fresh flow of cash to fund terrorism globally, and giving a green light to a nuclear armed Iran. Rather than being joyful and full of pride that our nation was not openly attacked by a terrorist, I suggest a far greater error has taken place, one of much greater concern. A nation sworn to our destruction, who are currently building ICBM’s, was just given a pat on the back, a pocket full of our money, and big welcoming warm handshake by our current administration.

But not only our demise is assured in this but also that of Israel. Except that Israel has something America doesn’t. Israel has a written declaration that when they are once again back in their land they will never again be removed (Amos 9:14-15). America just transgressed the covenant given to Abraham who was promised “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you”. Moreover, Israel has a further promise concerning the Dire Straights, they will end in joy and gladness as written by the prophet Zechariah. Chapter 8 v.19 declares “The fast of the fourth month (17 Tammuz) and the fast of the fifth month (9th of Av)…. shall be to the house of Judah joy and gladness, and cheerful moedim (appointed times/feasts);therefore love the truth and peace”. What promise does America have?

With the events of yesterday(Israel) and today (America/Iran) on the Israeli calendar date of the 17th of Tammuz beginning, what will the next three weeks hold? How long will the false prophets continue to tell you everything is going to be ok? How long will the “church” blindly follow their blind guides? How many preachers of the Word even know the events that happened today are exactly on time and rather than passing the offering plate the message should be so strong that tissues are passed to wipe the tears of repentance instead?

Perhaps they will see the light when a bright flash happens over our nation. Who knows, for a fraction of a second the White house might be lit up in rainbow colors before it evaporates into thin air.

Shalom, Bro. Lynn


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Thank you, Bro. Lynn, for a meaningful discussion of 17 Tammuz that both historically informed and also provided modern context. I am awakening to the imperative need to incorporate our Hebrew heritage into my personal faith and am convinced that it is key to becoming set-apart and recognizable as being in the world but not of it. When I began to study the Hebrew calendar, I was awestruck to find a month named after Tammuz, a Babylonian god…. Do you know why the Jewish calendar would give homage to pagan deities through naming a month after them?



Sorry so late to reply to you. Quite simply while in Babylon the Jewish people did assimilate to a certain degree. Some more than others as it is in every society.

It would be a mistake to be so enamored with the modern Hebrew Roots/Messianic “movement” that everything “Jewish” is good and of God. It is not. Some of the most wicked people ever recorded biblically were Jews. Some of the most heinous criminals in the bible were Jews. Being Jewish in no way negates the evil intents of the heart of man. These are words of wisdom if you will hear them.

As for being awestruck about Tammuz, I find no difference between that month’s name and the twelve names Pope Gregory gave us to use and we have so readily accepted.

As for it being a Hebrew calendar, or, a Jewish calendar, that is incorrect. It is the biblical calendar, created on the fourth day of Creation, two days before Adam was created, one thousand nine hundred and forty eight before the birth of Abraham the first Hebrew. It is neither Hebrew, Jewish, or Christian, mankind did not even exist, it belongs to God and is therefore the Biblical Calendar. The dates of which were entrusted to the Jewish people with the intent that the world should know and understand that God exists and preforms events on appointed times confirming His existence (as Gen. 1:14 first states).

Hope this helps,

Bro. Lynn

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