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The Bride, The Concubine, and The Harlot

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The Bride, the Concubine, and the Harlot

 by Barry Phillips,

2012 monthly speaker.

Have you ever wondered, if we are shown the acceptable pattern for marriage all the way back in the garden, why did the Patriarchs have multiple women in their lives?  Paul tells us, in 1Cor. 10:11, it is a pattern for the end times…a prophecy, if you will.  Isaiah also says something similar in Is. 46:10 where He (the Father) is telling the end (end times) from the beginning. 

And so, this being the case, suppose the women in Jacob’s life represent, first two groups of people: the House of Judah, and the House of Israel (those of the New Covenant-Jer. 31:31).  This would be represented by Leah and Rachael since these two groups are of their lineage.  Then, taking this a step further, since Rachael was unable to bear children at first, she gave her servant to Jacob to bear children for her.  Remember then, Leah not to be outdone, did the same.  Thus we have a concubine coming to Jacob from each of the sisters.  In Jeremiah 3, we find the Houses of Judah and Israel referred to as sisters. 

Today, we seem to have these two groups manifesting within the family of God.  All believe in and look for the Messiah but disagree on whether He has already come or not.  Remember, Leah had “tender eyes”.  If this means weak eyesight, then this explains her descendants  (House of Judah) not recognizing the Messiah the first time around. 

In this teaching, Barry Phillips bares his soul and delivers very insightful understanding about the Bride, the Concubine, and the Harlot.

Teaching 1:
Teaching 2:
Teaching 3:
Teaching 4:  
Teaching 5:
Teaching 6:
Teaching 7:
Teaching 8:
Teaching 9:
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Useful data. Hope to observe more good posts down the road.


Your Comments
I have been two Missianic Congregations, having left the last one too. I fellowship with another woman who also left both congregations. I have not been able to comprehend exactly the Two Houses. I know they are Northern and Southern, Israel and Judah. However, My friend will not attend a fellowship that does not recognize the Two Houses, this, I do not understand. The message on the Bride and Concubine, however, did shed light on a subject I have always wondered about and how it relates to Messiah Bride and Leah and Rachel. Do you have a mailing address ?


Torah Chai / OHHA
552 Sansing Hollow Rd
Harrison, AR 72601


An excellent word. I have emailed it to our congregation. The weather has been terrible, and offered this as an opportunity to hear a good study, while snowed in.


Are you aware of the 20th Century Prophet?/see Google Brother Branham was crucified by the Harlot church who are the daughters of the Roman Church. His message was to bring out the Bride from the denominations. To hear sermons or print them go to message hub via Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ. “The Bride tree” Serpents seed” “The Future Home of the Heavenly” are teachings that open up the word and “The seven Church Ages” Let me hear what you think. A Brother of my Church Dyane Lawson is from Blackrock and travels the world with the Last days message. Many Jewish believers responded to “ONENESS” message . If you em kenhersey@yahoo.com iwill send you D.Lawsons em


We appreciate the info. We are aware of Bro. Branham and his legacy. Our thrust is somewhat different in that we are striving to understand and replicate the First Century Church. This is of course, is similar to Bro. Branham’s stance, as it is pre-denominational. However, I might add, we do not subscribe to the Rapture theory since there is no example of mass “Rapture” displayed anywhere in Torah. Remember, they WALKED out of Egypt.
Thank you.


Shalom Tov Brother, Each Age has it’s man for that Hour and has the vindication of the spirit of Mal 4,5,6, the message is the same except details. Not able to receive that message always leads to lukewarm dogma There is no FLOOD so No boat will help Us, It’s true that Our walk in the Spirit will determine the rescue or locked out Virgin with no OIL of the spirit!! NO MASS group is ever in the TRUE spirit walk in any generation. Paul said that the dead in Yeshua will rise1st then we who are alive on that DAY will have a body change and Yeshua did when He was RAISED only then did He come back to the CHURCH, then we will be just like HIM. No one will notice it. 175-250.000 thousand people go to HELL every DAY. Do we really miss them? YESHUA said ONE from a village 2 from a city. Two people working together and 1 GONE!!! NO ONE GOES UNLESS THEY ARE BAPTIZED INTO THE NAME OF GOD”YESHUA haMeshiach” not titles . No one after Pentecost was Baptized in the FATHER SON and Holy SPIRIT. HIS NAME alone. Not without personal REVELATION. Not DOGMA!!! You are Blessed, Ken Amen


Since rapture is actually gathering into the Land……. I am quite intrigued by possibility of RUTH and ORPHA scenario. It would also be great to hear Barry Phillips explaining letters of Shaul.


Thank you for the comment. If we can get him to come back as a monthly speaker, there will be time to ask questions. Keep watching the schedule.


Great teaching but who was yelling in the background? That was very distracting; is there a clean recording of this teaching anywhere? Thanks


Thank you for the comments. Of course it was a live event someone recorded and so the unpredictability of the audience must be considered. The recording was provided us by Barry Phillips. We have no other nor any other source. You might look for it in other places but I believe the source will be the same. By the way, Barry is available as a speaker.


Your Commentsthis was very informative and helps me understand the church today thank you so much for this teaching. I would very much like to hear the teaching you mentioned at the end of berries class out of acts on the mirror thank you


Wonderful message!!!

I was unable to get lesson 8,9 & 12 to load so I posted the link to the entire sermon from Barry Phillips website. I hope this helps someone.


Link to the teaching.

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