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The Shmitah Year Has Six More Days Left

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Six More Days


Six more days. That’s what is remaining of the biblical shmitah year. Sunday Sept. 13, 2015 is the last day of the sixth biblical month on the ceremonial calendar, the month of Elul. Every seven years, there is the year of release, called in Hebrew “shmitah” (say sh-mee-tah), a twelve month period of time that is now coming to a close.

Shmitah means to let something drop, or to let something fall, and it is meant to be applied to the monetary system of a person, to people, to a greater extent, a nation. It is the last possible day that God has allowed for the release of debt for a blessing, and it is also the last day God can refrain from monetary judgment.

No denomination controls it, no preacher, no pope, no imam, no rabbi created it. It was an appointed time created before Adam, a calendar that the sun and moon have kept regardless of religion and it’s manipulations of tradition. This calendar and it’s all too often forgotten or dismissed content, belongs to, and confirms the existence of, a sovereign Creator, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who neither slumbers nor sleeps.

What will happen in the next six days? What will happen to your money, to your family to your nation? Nothing? Or something much worse?

But, suppose I’m not an idiot? Suppose I’m correct in my understanding of the Bible? What then?

Are you ready?

Lynn Greuter

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