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4-11-2020 ~ Bro. Lynn Greuter

Numb.14:22-38 – Here we read of the judgment that befell ten men who brought an evil report of the Promised Land and those who chose to believe that report they gave.

The account in the book of Numbers beginning in chapters13-14 is only part of the story, to keep things in correct context.

First, when God tells Moses to “send men to search the land . . .” (Numb.13:1-2), this statement is in extreme anger. Secondly, in 13:17 the word translated as “spy” is incorrect. It is the word “latur” (pronounced lah-tour) in Hebrew and it means to “scout or sight see”, to “look around”.

To complete the story, the remainder is found in Deut. 1:22, which tells us “the people decided to send men to scout out the land”, and see if what God had told them was true. Thus the extreme anger noted in the Hebrew text of Gods words found in Numbers 13, and the resulting judgement.

Unfortunately, not only are some words not translated correctly from the Torah, but also the emotion of many the words is never conveyed in modern texts. Hebrew is an emotional language, and translations often miss this aspect.

Also only two men escaped wrath, Joshua a Jewish man, and Caleb, a Gentile who was adopted into the Jewish nation. Which begs the question; why was Joshua given the national leadership position verses Caleb? The New Testament answer; it’s “to the Jew first and then the Gentile”.

Both received the promises, both were obedient; however, Joshua had the covenant birthright.

Moreover, to add a layer of depth and understanding, when comparing Num. 13:17& 26 to Joshua 2:1 & 23 we find differences in context and Hebrew words.

As noted, Num.13:17 uses the word “latur” as “spy”, but the report was given to Moses, Aaron, “and the entire congregation”. They told everyone the evil report.

In Joshua 2:1 the words translated “spy secretly” is the word “meraglim” (pronounce meir ahg leem) and they reported strictly to Joshua personally, (v.23) as per a military intelligence operation.

Meraglim is the true context of the word “spy'” and “latur” is the definition of a tourist, sightseer, or public informant.

However, the focus of this teaching is the age of those who suffered the judgment, and the prophecy contained therein.

Num.14:29 – “according to the whole number, or, (entire congregation), from 20 years old and upward”.

Anyone under the age of twenty is considered as the “little ones”, or, still children who are not of the age of accountable maturity as noted in v.31. While those children of the ages approximately12 years undergo the ritual of bar or bat mitzvah (meaning son or daughter of the commandments), this is not the age of accountable maturity as found at the age of twenty years. They are held to a higher degree of accountability, but not to the level of mature adult accountability.

The age of twenty years has significance. It is the age of maturity, specifically spiritually accountable maturity.

At the age of twenty, men were aged mature enough to;
1. (Lev.27:2-3 ) – Bring the atonement money for the Temple.
2. (Ex.30-13-16) – Their vows which they made were binding.
3. (Num.1:2-3) – They were mature enough to enter into war.
Clear examples of spiritual and physical maturity from the scripture.

(Also, an additional five years of age was required for the maturity to enter the priesthood, as noted in Num.8-23-26.)

Now let’s forward many years ahead from Moses to our current world.

On September 12th 2001 Senator Tom Daschle gave a speech in which he addressed senate and the nation and quoted the prophet Isaiah. 9:10 saying “The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with dressed stones; the fig trees have been felled, but we will replace them with cedars”. A message concluding with how America will rebuild, we will recover, and the pride of the nation, and we will be stronger than ever after the attacks of 9-11. These words have been echoed for many years now by many of America’s leaders. Sadly, these were word quoted from a passage describing the results of Israel’s rebellion and the consequences to follow.

There are many people who have spoken and written extensively on this subject (Daschle & Isa. 9:10) if you wish to learn more about the comparisons of America and ancient Israel in this context. However, the focus of this teaching is not about the single verse in Isaiah 9:10, but also the words before and after that verse.

Let’s examine the scriptures surrounding this passage.

At this point the nation of Israel divided into two kingdoms.

(For reference it needs to be noted that beginning in 1Kngs.12:19, the scripture notes the split of Jacobs descendants into two kingdoms, Judah to the south and Israel to the north. There we find how Jeroboam set up a kingdom with the lowest of people in positions of authority, the dregs of society were placed in control as per 1King.12:31).

Isa.9:8 – the word was “sent into/against Jacob and has lighted/fallen upon Israel”

The Torah gives explicit directives about how the nation was to conduct itself, and the consequences if it didn’t. Specifically these are detailed in Deuteronomy chapters 28 & 29.

The titles “Jacob” and “Israel” are among other things, measures of time and prophecy.

Jacob – has the meaning of the direct current descendants of Jacob.

But, Israel has a further meaning. Israel was a name given in prophecy to Jacob; it was not applied until later to him. It comes from the root word “yshar” meaning to go in a “direct, or straight line” to God. The root, and the expanded word Israel, in itself, is a far reaching prophecy.

Jacob can be understood as the current time scripturally, and the direct descendants of Jacob. Israel can be a future time and includes other people joined to Jacob’s descendants.

So here we see that while Jacob’s descendants did something which caused rebuke at the time, it was going to extend into a future time and to other people as well.

In this context the word given Jacob extends into the future. It could be said “Jacob” is the current biblical text applications as you read, while Israel contains future prophetic connotations.

Also, there are many prophetic words, one of which is the word “Zion” which is itself a prophetic word, and is considered as a sign, or the Hebrew word “ot”(pronounced “oat”), moreover, its considered a “super sign”.

Also, noteworthy, another prophetic word is “tomorrow” in the bible, which is a prophecy for events to be repeated in the future.

Very notably in Esther 9:13 where 10 men were hung, and coinciding with the Nuremberg Trials of 10 top Nazis in 1946 who were hung. This event occurred exactly in the year 5707/1946, coinciding with the numerical value of three undersized letters (tav, shin, zayn, and one over sized letter vav) in the ten sons of Haman.

The Hebrew text when it is written in the scroll form, has many aspects never translated in other languages. When letters are over sized, undersized, abnormal spellings, and difference in word spacing it carries vast importance. It is likened to a glaring sign saying; “dig here”. Also, each letter has a numerical value, as well as a pictorial symbol from the Paleo Hebrew, which adds layers of depth, links to other words and times, both past and future, in the bible.

Military tribunals usually use firing squads per guilty verdict, however Esther said the word “tomorrow” in her words and the prophecy remained valid.

It’s noteworthy how valid it was (and remains). There were originally eleven main conspirators in Esther, and in the specific Nuremberg trial referenced here. Haman died early (Est.7:10) and his ten sons were hung eleven months later (Est. 9:7-9), and top Nazi Herman Goering took cyanide on Oct.15th 1946 and died before being executed on the gallows.

Isa. 9:11-13 – Ephraim and Samaria had hoped for the alliance of Rezin, king of Syria, to defeat Judah, but their ally was in turn defeated and joined with the adversaries who would come against them. The prophetic implications of allies joining with the enemy to attack. All of this as part of the continuing judgment by the stretched out hand of God.

Isa. 9:14-17 – head and tail, (explained in verse, and related to Jeroboam’s appointments as per 2Kings.) palm branch and bulrush- the typology using plants to describe people, a common occurrence in scripture. Both plants arch over the lower vegetation. Palm branch is higher and arches further denoting people in authority over many, the bulrush which is smaller and denotes those over a lesser amount of people.

v.16 – the guides of the people are corrupt and those following them are destroyed. The picture given is the collapse, and coming removal, of spiritual, civil, and lesser governmental authorities who are corrupt and cruel.

No mercy is given to any element of that society, it is all corrupt, it is all cruel, they have voiced their rebellion and continue in it.

All part of the continuing judgment by the stretched out hand of God.

9:18-21 – their wickedness burns in them like a fire. Briers and thorns have always been the typology for sin, thus these people consume those embedded in sin.

The thickets are denoting the masses of citizens caught up in the chaos, and their voices are as dark smoke.

Biblically, peoples’ words can be as incense which are the prayers of the righteous and are pleasing (Rev 5:8).

However, here the picture formed is of the dismay and hateful speech spewing from every mouth that will overcome every element of society as dark smoke.

Because of the breakdown of these people there is greed, hoarding, and chaos, brother against brother, and both against their family. (Ephraim and brother Manasseh, and Judah their relative) And still His hand is stretched out.

10:1-4 – Woe!! The leadership, those in power, are making wicked rulings and enforcing them upon helpless citizens. And the question is asked of them where will you flee to when your punishment comes? Where will you leave the wealth you have stolen?

Those in power will be destroyed, but his hand is still stretched out.

Four times in the context of their rebellious statement about rebuilding, God has answered, and leaves us with his hand still stretched out in judgment.

It’s one of the most chilling passages in the Word of God.

In the midst of these written calamities is it possible there are many unrecorded events transpiring in the nation? The answer is yes, many events were happening to those people, just as there was in Egypt when the nation was freed from bondage.

In the book of Exodus it records ten major “plagues” which came upon Egypt as God was delivering his chosen people.
However there is more to it, and it is alluded to in Psalms.

Psalm 78:43-53 – Specifically it is noted in v.49 worded as “sending evil angels among them”.

The word translated as angel is the Hebrew word “malach” (pronounced mah lock) and it means “messenger”. What this verse is stating is there were many other unrecorded events transpiring in the land of Egypt in unison as the plagues were coming against them. (This was taught to me by Rabbi Yakkov Youlus in Israel many years ago.)

It’s not speaking of a Death Angel!! There is no such thing recorded anywhere in scripture.

Psalms 19:1-4 – tells us the heavens, the sun, moon, and stars, are “angels” or “messengers” with voices which declare the glory of God. They also declare his events in advance with signs in the heavens which no man can manipulate, just as they were designed to do.

On the fourth day of Creation in Gen.1:14-19 there is a calendar established which is not the four seasons of the earth, rather, the biblical calendar which uses the sun and moon to denote appointed days in which events or signs occur, and proclaim the sovereignty of God as Master of the world and heavens.

The prophet Malachi, in our bibles having the book of Malachi titled in his name is based from the word “malach” and means “messenger”, therefore, Malachi means “My Messenger”.

All of these topics are related to the point of this teaching.

It has been 19 years (as of the year 2020) since senator Tom Daschle proclaimed the words of rebellion in scripture. When he did so, he was well over the age of 20 years. With his proclamation, he bound America to a curse, and no man since then in national leadership has publicly revoked it.

The biblical date of Daschle’s statement was Elul 24th 5761.

The age of spiritual maturity is confirmed by scripture as 20 years.

The vows are binding at the age of 20 years.

The 20 year anniversary of Daschle’s vow will be Wednesday, Sept.1st 2021 which is Elul 24, 5781.

Let’s look at the comparisons from his statement to the affairs of America today and the passages from Isaiah 9.

The words were spoken into a divided nation.

America is more divided now than at any time since the Civil War.

There were lowest of people in positions of authority, the dregs of society were placed in control.

Look at the wickedness of our national leaders; not only America but virtually every nation.

Israel’s allies joining with the enemy.

America has lost many allies, and are now enemies, in the time since Sept. 11, 2001. What wars are coming upon us? We’re closer than ever to even internal war. Pray it does not come.

Spiritual, civil, and lesser governmental authorities are corrupt and cruel.

Our pulpits and government are filled with this more than ever. And more come to light each passing day.

Society is all corrupt, it is all cruel; they have voiced their rebellion and continue in it.

While not 100% fulfilled, there is a definite decline in our moral standards in the last 19 years.

Dismay and hateful speech spewing from every mouth like dark smoke which will overcome every element of society. Because of the breakdown of these people there is greed, hoarding, and chaos, brother against brother, and both against their family.

Just listen to the T.V.; to the people around in society, and to all the social media. Their speech is horrendous and billows forth in greater and greater quantities.

Look at the greed, the hoarding, and the chaos, the families who are at war with each other.

Those in power are making wicked rulings and enforcing them upon helpless citizens.

How true this is, now more than ever, and it is growing worse by the day.

All these comparisons are direct quotes from the lessons and statements in Isaiah.

America has had, and continues to have, messengers of warning and correction sent among us, just as noted in Psalms 78.

America has witnessed blood moons, solar eclipses, signs in the heavens on the biblical appointed days, all by the messengers in the heavens as noted in Psalm 19.

And the conclusion of Isaiah 9 and the vows of rebellion end with the repeated phrase; “His hand is still outstretched”

America has a little over one year left before the vow comes to its twentieth year.

If all these events (and more) have already occurred, and are continuing to expand, what will happen when the time of spiritual maturity comes? It will exponentially explode to the fullness of the curses potential if scriptural history is the basis of understanding. Twenty years is the age of a warrior. Will a large scale war break out the likes of which we have never seen?
Societal collapse on a scale unprecedented? Famines and wars?

What will happen Wednesday, Sept.1st 2021 which is Elul 24, 5781?

And what will transpire in the time until then?

What Now?

First, our President needs to lead this nation in a public prayer of true repentance, and lead by example the fruits of such repentance. National leadership placed a curse upon us, and they have the responsibility to reverse it. (And should there be successive presidents, they too must continue the biblical mandates of righteousness. They cannot be broken, and there must by necessity, be action following the words)

His entire agenda has been one of economic growth and “Make America Great Again”.

This is a continuation of the rebellion of the messenger of 9/11 and Daschle’s vow, no matter how honorable his intent. No president has done so in sincerity since Lincoln and the Civil War. President Trump has been the greatest friend to Israel in our history, but, the moment he proposed his “Deal of the Century” which maps out the division of the Land of Israel, the deployment of the Corona Virus rose up, and his economic successes began to crumble. It is measure for measure.

Secondly, the third king of Israel prayed and God gave an answer in 2 Chronicles 7:12-15. He had heard the prayer, He would reverse the curses “IF His people who are called by His Name would humble themselves, and pray, and seek His face, and turn from their wicked ways; then He would hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land”. There’s a lot of “and” in that text, one thing must be joined to the other for success. Will it be done?

Solomon wrote this in Proverbs 14:34 “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”

We as a nation must return to the words of Moses who spoke the words in Deut. 16:20 – “that which is altogether just shall you follow” (KJV), but, is written in the Hebrew scriptures as; “Righteousness!

Righteousness! shall you pursue! Doing what is right, right in your work, your home, with your spouse, children, neighbors, and strangers. Strive for spiritual and physical peace with God, in the home and marriages, and with family, in every area as much as possible. The examples of righteousness have been set before us by the word of God. Pursue it!

The desires of God are quite simple as written in Micah 6:6-8. Is He pleased with “religious activities” so many are involved in?
“He has shown what is pleasing and good, to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with the Lord thy God.”

Do what is correct, and learn to do it more, extend mercy in your world, and walk with humility instead of pride and arrogance! Is it so hard?

Rev.12:10-11 – And remember, the time of the accuser of the brethren to cast down will arrive.

It is crucial this passage be kept. You can overcome him by the blood of the Lamb, and this life on this earth is not the final conclusion. There remains eternity. Yeshua has made a way.

Rev. 21:1-6 – John saw eternity, he saw the conclusion of the matter. A new heaven, a new earth, a new City, God fully among his people, no more tears or sorrow, no more pain… They’ve all passed away and no longer exist. Everything and everyone has become new and perfect. It is a true and faithful statement.

It’s my prayer this message helps someone somewhere. May it give clarity to confusion; bring hope to the hopeless, and healing to the wounded. It’s my prayer it would cause those in error to receive correction, and to call upon Yeshua for their salvation. I pray someone somewhere would turn from the darkness to the Light of God and receive the Eternal Hope in Jesus.

May you find you can go from strength to strength.

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