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Avi Ben Mordechai – August’s Monthly Speaker

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Avi Ben Mordechai

August’s Monthly Speaker

Some may not be familiar with Avi Ben Mordechai and his area of teaching and knowledge.  In the past, when we’ve brought in speakers with whom our regulars are not acquainted, we’ve experienced lower attendance.  It can only be said to those who “chase the names”: That is your loss!  Case in point:  Barry Philips came and we were greeted by, “Who is Barry Phillips?” or “What can he teach me?”  Since that time, we have been inundated with requests for his teaching about the Bride and the Concubine (found on this site under audio teachings).   We know of no better explanation of Yeshua’s visitations to those who don’t keep his commandments. 

Avi Ben Mordechai’s area of expertise is of great value to those of us who have discovered the truth of the Beginning of the Book.  His teachings fulfill Rico Cortes’ statement, “Don’t talk to me about Paul unless you can tell me how many sects of Judaism there were and what each believed.  Without that knowledge you cannot understand Paul.”  Avi has amassed all this information and can help us, 21 centuries later, understand the issues facing Paul and the other first century believers.  His research can give us the real meanings in a way we can share them with our brethren. He is able to peel away the years of misunderstanding and reveal the heart of the issue.  As Brad Scott says, “Words mean something!” and Avi is just the one to reveal those first century meanings to you and I.

For instance, how many of us have ever read the writings of the Rabbis where they say their rulings can negate the rulings of the Torah?  Avi documents this in his excellent book on Paul’s letter to the Galations.  In his three books titled Messiah (1, 2, and 3), Avi goes through concepts and statements in detail in light of the issues of that time.  He does this by addressing specific scriptures and their real meanings in the context of the day. 

Avi has also documented changes introduced into the scripture by some of the early church leaders.  He has found where the translations have been changed to match the beliefs of the individuals.  How can we believe in the validity of our translations today without first looking into these things?  This is not to say that all translations are bad, but we need to remember we are to study to show ourselves approved.  Study includes looking for conflicting ideas and searching out the real meanings.  One obvious example would be the conflict between Yeshua/Jesus’ statement in Matthew where He speaks of Torah (law) and says, “…not one jot or tittle will be done away with….”   This is obviously in direct conflict with the doctrine that His death on the cross did away with the law.  There is really no conflict here if we understand the definitions and concepts of the first century.

If you cannot attend the August meeting (9th and 10th), get his books.  You will not be disappointed.

 To visit Avi’s website click here 

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Just want to say that we were able to see Avi Friday night, and he was the real deal. SO down to earth, so transparent, he is one of us. My husband and I fell in love with him. Thank you for always having such great people come and share with us. We love you guys!

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