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Brother Lynn’s Analysis of 1st Kings 8:8

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This week our Torah portion is a double portion, starting in Ex.35:1 through Ex.40:38.
It details the articles and building of the Mishkahn, the Tent of Meeting.

The accompanying haftarah passages are from 1Kng. 7:40-8:41, and detail the building of the permanent structure, the Temple in Jerusalem, by Solomon and Hiram.

It is from 1Kng.8:8 that I wish to focus on.

Often seemingly mundane passages are glossed over and a lesson is missed. Such is the case in this verse which deals with the staves or poles that were used to carry the Ark, and the Inner Sanctuary which housed it.

A careful reading of the Torah reveals the poles were longer that the dimensions of the space behind the curtain which hid the Ark. Here lies a beautiful picture in the Scriptures.

The length of the two poles caused the curtain to bulge out towards the remaining structure as one would enter the Temple.

Here we see the eternal nurturing side of God plainly visible to all who would enter.

The nourishment and foundation for a new life and a reminder of their Creator’s plan on the sixth day. (Gen. 1:26-27)

The poles protruding and bulging curtain clearly presented the picture of a woman’s breasts hidden beneath her blouse.

A woman, the nurturing and primary caregiver to all newborn life. Beautifully designed by God to supply the milk and colostrum so vital to the remainder of life for the infant.

A creative design and plan which a man cannot fulfill.

And so we find the aspects of God which are both masculine and feminine, even as the Hebrew language is masculine and feminine, so too are the portraits the Scriptures paint out for us.

It relates the separate functions of mother and father, the necessity of both for life and their respective roles designed by God.

It depicts the spiritual food of every generation drawing on the milk of the word and growing to the meat of a deeper understanding and relationship with the Almighty.

The Ark and the Curtain were clearly the basis for the writer on the book of Hebrews 5:11-14.

Also Peter, as he directed the growth of newborn believers (1Ptr. 1:23 – 2:3).

And, today we witness the revulsion as a world plunges into the abyss of godlessness, where neither male or female exist.

The physical design of a Sovereign Creator must give way to the unmitigated rebellion of a so called elite group who promote the concept that people are their own gods, choosers of their own identities.

My family in the Faith, we are created in the image of God, we are created male and female, we are created to absorb the physical and spiritual nourishment emplaced by God in his perfect design.

Those who teach otherwise, have no hope of eternity in the Presence and Persons of God the Father, Yeshua his Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Hold fast to doctrines of Truth for evil seeks your souls..

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