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Connecting the Dots….Amalek, Gog, and King of the North

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Connecting the Dots….Amalek, Gog, and King of the North

For all you prophecy people out there: Immanuel Velikovsky wrote some excellent books about the time line of BC history. Archaeologists, (at least the atheist ones) deny the Exodus’ occurrence because their time line doesn’t match the Bible’s.
Velikovsky solves the dilemma masterfully starting with his “Ages in Chaos” (1952).

There are some important explanations in this book. First, he shows Amalek is the Hyksos. The characteristics of the Hyksos are extremely similar to ISIS today. Secondly, he notes that Agag in Baalam’s curse/blessing/prophecy is not always Agag. Velikovsky says there are 7 versions where it is instead Gog!
This sheds new light on who is Gog in Ez. 38 & 39. Also, he points out the Arabian histories show the Hyksos come from Mecca….WOW! And, they raped the women, burned the cities, destroyed all monuments, destroyed anything religious, and enslave the men who survived.

But wait, there is more, the father says we are to kill Amalek where ever we find him throughout the generations. It’s not over until its over folks….I mean this is an End Times thing.

And, there is still more. The book of Esther tells us Haman (BOO) is of Amalek….and he wants to kill Jews (strangely up to date). But consider this, Haman’s people were scattered throughout the kingdom..

In addition, there is an interesting parallel in the hangings. After WWII, 10 Nazi leaders were hanged just as Haman’s 10 sons were. Haman’s daughter committed suicide just prior to the hangings and Goering, a known cross-dresser, committed suicide prior to the hangings. Also, ancient records seem to show Germany was settled by Edomites (Amalek). http://www.10losttribes.com/amalek-the-nazi.html

In Ez. 38-39, we find another link. The burial place for those killed in this war is called Hamon-Gog. Strongs tells us Hamon is an alternate spelling for Haman. Is this another link to Amalek being Gog?

And so, who is supporting ISIS today? Iran,,,Persia of old. This brings in one more interesting fact.The Daniel 11 reference to the “King of the North” is the title given to a Persian king who followed Darius and is found on an Egyptian statue’s inscription.

In Daniel’s 4 beast prophecy, we find a near fulfillment and a far fulfillment. For example, Alexander and Hitler both were in power 13 years, 7 months. Both used high speed warfare to overwhelm their opponents. Both, when they died, had 4 generals take over. Of course, Paul tells us this is the way things go: in modern paraphrase 1 Cor. 10:11 says, the things of old happened as an example for those living in the End Times. Why then, would we not expect Persia again as an End Times player?

“Who is Amalek” is an audio teaching by Len Greuter and is found on Ozarks Hebrew Heritage website. Link that to the info from Velikovsky and we seem to have a pretty clear idea of how this whole thing with ISIS may play out…or, at least who the players are today.

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