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Ezekiel Lifted by the Hair

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Tonight begins the day Ezekiel was lifted by the hair to see the abominations committed in Jerusalem (Ezk. 8, 9, 10 & 11)

The corruption was rampant from the common women even up to the Sanhedrin.

Such was the level of depravity; there would be no mercy to those who had not received a protective sign from an angel.

Furthermore, the judgement began at the Temple. The Most Holy Place on Earth was the starting point. From this point, the Presence of God departed the Temple.

What a sad and tragic event. And yet we much conclude God was justified in his actions. This sentiment is voiced by Peter who states. “Judgement must begin at the House of the Lord”.

I sometimes wonder if the church leaders today regard these verses. They will be the first to be judged. To me, truly a fearful thing.

Today, we live in the time of living prophecy happening before our eyes.

The last half of Ezekiel 11:13 – 21 is happening today. The Jewish people are returning to their land.

Also, to this effect, the words of Paul have been thrust forward. Roman’s 11:13 – 33 speaks of the spiritual benefits which will come through the Jewish people to the Gentile congregations upon their return.

Truly today, for those who are not steeped in anti-semitism and replacement theology, and will receive the deep riches of the Hebrew language and the quality teachers, life is returning to the scriptures.

What was once stale milk and tepid water in church teachings can be revived. Life can spring up fresh and new from ancient passages.

While many today do not realize many of the things Ezekiel described are in the church traditions, many of their pastors do know. And to them, there is a greater and stricter judgement.

My question today is this: Whom do they fear more, their audience or their God? What is more important, their position or the Positioner?

Perhaps it’s not too late for some of them. Perhaps they will examine themselves in light of what the Word really says and return to Truth.

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