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Is Amalek another name for Esau…or Isis????

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Is Amalek another name for Esau …or Isis????
…And, does it matter???
By John Holmes

In Biblical references, we find the line of Ismael being referenced as Esau, after Esau married into Ismael’s family. Later, we find Amalek in the line of Esau in Genesis 36:12 where Amalek is born to Eliphaz, Esau’s son, through a concubine. This raises the question, is the prophetic word spoken over Ismael updated or, should we say, “augmented or added to” with the addition of Esau to the line. And then, are more additions incorporated by the addition of Amalek? It would seem this could be the case.

Another question we need to consider is, why King Amalek of Exodus is mentioned in Genesis 14:7 when he is actually born in Genesis 25:26, a whole generation later. And then, why is there a mention of the “land of the Amalekites” in Genesis 14:7 when the five kings invade and take Lot prisoner (at a much earlier time)?

A possible solution to the question is King Amalek of Exodus 17:8 was named for either the land he came from or the originator of his familial sub-line. Another reason for saying this is the reference to Esau in Obediah 1:18 where it refers to the “House of Esau” in reference to the familial blood line of which Amalek is a part.

Other evidence from Numbers 24:20, indicates Amalek is not just the name of an individual, but of a “nation”. It also says, “Amalek was the first of the nations”. Is this mention of “first” meaning first to be established, or first, as in most powerful? The earliest meaning can be either beginning or chief or inheritor (first born). This doesn’t totally clear things up but, since the blood line seems to be the Arabs of today, and we hear them still referencing Ishmael as the true inheritor of the land, one might draw the conclusion the scriptural meaning is inheritor. This Numbers passage is, however, a curse because The Father, through Balaam, is saying in the End Times, he will “perish forever.” This is echoed in Deuteronomy 25:19 where Israel is to “blot our” any remembrance of Amalek. And notice, this is very similar to the reference to Esau in Obediah above.

“The Names the Same…Isis, could it be?”

Taking the name from the old television quiz show, “The Names the Same”, we seem to find different scriptural names referenced about who is to be eliminated in the End Times. Could it be these names all refer to the same people? Immanuel Velekovsky in his “Ages in Chaos” makes a strong case for the Greek referenced Hyksos being none other than Amalek of scripture. Throughout his writings he connects events to multiple names depending on which language and country the scribe reporting it comes from. It would be the same as Americans referencing the president by name, or “The President”. We would know who it was regardless.

When we look at Velekovsky’s recounting of the Hyksos who invaded Egypt, we find their behavior very interesting in light of today’s Isis behavior. Both destroy cities, destroy public monuments (museums), destroy anything pertaining to religion, and rape the women.

Could these parallels be the result of genetics? Twin studies seem to indicate this is a fact. In studies recounted at the Live Science website (livescience.com), the article titled “Twins Separated at Birth Reveal Staggering Influence of Genetics” shows behavioral traits are between 50 and 80% genetic. The similarities were extreme right down the type of cars driven and wives’ names. This scientific evidence makes it clear behavior can be passed down generationally.

This brings us to Mohammed. Although he lived almost 2000 years after the Hyksos, his behavior is strangely similar. Strangely, that is, if you don’t take into account the genetics. In this case, it seems his genetically motivated and controlled behavior was written down to make it seem more natural as it was approved by his god Allah. And, by the way, for those who say Allah and YHVH are the same god, it is interesting that the Hebrew word for “I will ascend” where Lucifer speaks it in Isiah 14:13 is pronounced “aw-law” according to Strongs’. Does this make Lucifer, Satan, and Allah one in the same? Scripture says judge them by their works!

What does it matter?

This, therefore, becomes very relevant to our day and times as we have great unrest in the Middle East which affects the entire world. Those of us who are believers in The Father and His Bible should be continually looking for His guidance with regard to the events transpiring around us. The prophecies about Amalek and Esau seem to relate directly to those who ascribe to the teachings of Mohammed today. The destructiveness and disregard for civility demonstrated by the Hyksos are being played out in the news today by Isis. We can either be ignorant of the consequences of shaking one’s fist in the face of the Father, or we can see it as a wakeup call and get our lives right with Him and His Son.

The Final Thought

In “Ages in Chaos”, Velekovsky has a very interesting footnote. In Balaam’s (Numbers 24:7) curse which the Father turned into a prophetic blessing, Agag (the line of Amalek) is found in 7 other translations as Gog. Prophecy teachers for years have been trying to identify Gog of the Ezekiel 38 and 39 war. If the reader is unfamiliar with this war, it is a major end times war, and Velekovsky may have just come up with one of the prime players in it. Gog could be Amalek or maybe radical Islam of our time. Keep watching and stay close to Him!

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