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NYC Terrorism and the Scriptues

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End Times Fulfillment?

Reading the small print (in the Scriptures) and how it applies to the Terror event in NYC yesterday.

Have any of you noticed the small things in Scripture frequently have a huge meaning? Case in point: we know Islam wants to become a World Religion and, as Charles Fuqua (Charlie Fuqua on Facebook) points out, Islam is not a religion as much as it is a political system because it is actually promoting a World Theocracy.

With this in mind, what is the religion of a majority of the Arab World? Islam, of course.

Now, enter the Bible….whose bloodline are the Arabs? They proudly claim Ishmael as their common ancestor. And so what does the Bible say about Ismael?

Gen. 17:20 says his descendants will become “a great nation.” Now for the fine print…Gen. 17:16 speaks of Sarah, the mother of Issac says she (through Issac) will be the mother of nations….and kings.

Notice the difference? A nation (singular) versus nations. This distinction seems to give us, what could be, an End Times indication of the One-World-Religion connection to the descendants of Ishmael. Could this be an indication of the One-World-Religion found in Revelation?

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