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Prophecy-The Elijah Message-Part 2

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In the last blog, it was pointed out that the Elijah message, is something prophesied to happen before Yeshua/Jesus returns. This makes it relevant for today and the reader was challenged to study it carefully for additional clues.
In this blog, let’s look at a few more clues.
First off, we have to look at where Elijah was. He was in Samaria, the territory of the Northern Kingdom. Therefore, the prophet and the Father are calling our attention to this physical location for a reason.
And so, what and where is the location. It is called in various scriptures, the valley of decision, the valley of Jehoshaphat, the valley of Armageddon, and the valley of threshing.
Lets look at the last term first. If one is to thresh, he takes the harvest and, in the threshing operation, removes the fruit of the grain from the chaff. The term fruit of the grain is referred to in scripture many times always having to do with one’s walk with the Lord. Threshing, therefore has to do only with harvest, and only with the grain already separated from foreign growth.
In the first blog of the Elijah series, we concluded Elijah was telling the people to choose. Thus they are making a decision and, in effect, separation of the grain from the chaff was occurring.
Further, since we know the physical location is where the last battle is to occur, we see a linkage with the end times with this aspect as well.
The story doesn’t end here. Now one can move on to look for more linkages and bring in Jezebel as well.

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