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Shabbat Shalom 5/25/13

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Shalom chaverim veh mishpachah! (Greetings friends and family!)

This week’s Parashah, B’ha’alotkha (B’midbar/Numbers 8:1~12:16), begins with a short mitzvah/commandment/instruction concerning some of the maintenance of the Menorah/Lamp Stand (verses 1 – 4). Verses 2 & 3 “cast their light forward in front of the menorah”, used to be confusing to me. My finite westernized-mind always envisioned the cups of the menorah to be somewhat like a votive candle only deeper. How could one direct the light? When given a replica of a 1st century “lamp”, it helped me get a better handle on it. I’ll try to explain . . . the lamp, fashioned of clay or pottery, has a round opening in the top, where one pours the oil. On one end of the top, there is somewhat of a spout with a small hole where the wick sticks out. Consequently, if the lamp were paced on the menorah with the “spout” toward the front, the light would be cast forward.

Just as the light is to shine forward from the Menorah, so our Father’s light should shine forth through us as we live our lives for Him. May it be so Holy One, may it be so.

Shabbat shalom veh shavuah tov, Batyah

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