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Shabbat Shalom 8/24/13 (Ki Tavo / When you come)

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Shalom mishpachah veh chaverim!!!

This week’s Torah portion, (Key Tah-voe) Ki Tavo, means “when you come” or “when you have come”. Once again Moshe is encouraging B’nei Yisra’el/the Children of Israel Yehovah is giving them the land as their inheritance. They are to take possession of it and settle there. Next are the instructions about (Ha Bik-koo-reem) HaBikkurim/The Firstfruits.

As I read verse 4, Abba gave me the sweetest mini-vision. When we bring our Bikkurim / Firstfruits of (Teh-shoo-vah) T’shuvah/repentance, by way of prayers and tears, Yeshua, as our Kohen HaGadol/High Priest, gently places His hand beneath ours and takes our Bikkurim and places it on the altar as He makes intercession on our behalf. Immediately afterwards, a waft of incense came through the room. I can’t begin to explain the sweetness of the moment.

Since we are fast approaching, Yom Teruah (some call it Rosh HaShanah) and Yom Kippur, may we be faithful in taking our Bikkurim of T’shuvah on a daily basis to Abba as we prepare ourselves for Sukkot.

Ahavah veh tefilot (love and prayers), Batyah

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