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The Covenant or The Law…

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The Covenant and The Law…
A rose by any other name would smell the same.

In the Torah portion studied yesterday…Deut. 3:27-7:11…we see the covenant being mentioned as being a forever thing. Many of us are faced with family and friends who have no understanding of the two Torahs (oral [man-made] and written [God-made]) or the implications and result of combining them when they say, “The law has been done away with”.. As a result, they don’t understand one fundamental basic truth. (An example by Paul…Romans 3:27..law of faith vs law of works).

The Covenant is also frequently called the law by either the authors or the translators. Case in point…Paul’s references to the “law of the husband” in Romans 7. This reference is clearly referring to the marriage covenant. And, the New Covenant is also a marriage covenant for the bride of Christ.

Here’s where the lack of understanding comes in. Just as the new moon term does not refer to a recreated moon, neither does the term “New Covenant” refer to a different covenant.

This is where the Torah portion comes in. As said above, Torah clearly indicates The Covenant will exist forever. And, Peter at the end of Acts 3 talks about the forefathers from Abraham on and indicating believers in Yeshua are partakers in THE COVENANT! The wording indicates there is and has been only ONE Covenant.

And so, when explaining our walk to our churched brethren, we need to emphasize the two Torahs and the fact that the Torah is the Covenant…is the Law.

Or, did our all knowing, all seeing Father not know His covenant was going to be replaced by His Son?? Really?

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