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The Father’s Calender by Bob Warmuskerken

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The Father’s Calendar

by Bob Warmuskerken

Bob shares another of his studies at the June monthly meeting of Ozarks Hebrew Heritage Association in Springfield.  This study deals with the Biblical calendar and the Father’s appointment times we, as believers, are supposed to keep. 

As Paul says in 1 Thes. 5, Yeshua won’t come as a thief for those who are “not asleep”-meaning keeping the appointments the Father has given us.  Click below to listen to the message.

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I found the message to be very interesting, insightful, and thought provoking. I have begun trying to follow the Torah, Shabbat, and Moedim as a beginner. I find it joyful and challenging. I know nothing of the Jubilee, and have only recently heard of the Shmita or Shemitah:

Shemitah 101 – The Sabbatical Year – Shemitah – Chabad.org
http://www.chabad.org › … › Special Years › Shemitah

Shmita 5775 – Restoring the soul of an ancient tradition …
The Jerusalem Post

Shmita 5775 – The restoration of an ancient tradition
Israel Today

Shemitah and Yovel Sabbatical and Jubilee Years …
Orthodox Union

Thank you for inspiring me to begin to learn about some of the ideas you discussed.

I was frustrated by very poor audio for about ten minutes (from approximately 1:19 to 1:29) in which I found it difficult, if not impossible, to understand any words of your talk. An example was the book, Times and Appointed Times, by Michael (last name???). I found the title on the internet and believe the last name is McHugh. I never was able to pick up the last name on the audio. That ten minute period was a long time to wait, and wonder if the audio would improve in the remainder of your talk. It did.

Overall, I did find the information provided to be insightful and an exposure to new thoughts never considered previously. I shall keep my eyes and ears open to learn more of these concepts.

May the LORD bless and keep you and yours safe from harm and evil all the days of your life on this earth. Let it be so, Father, in the Gracious Name of Yeshua, Amen and Amen.

In His Love,



Hello Jim,

We are sorry for the glitch in the audio. Thanks for alerting us to the problem. We’ll try to fix it. The name of the author is Michael McHugh as you had thought.

Thanks for the info

Ministry Team

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