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Understanding “The Day of the Lord”

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The Day of the Lord


Throughout the Bible, there is one day which stands out in importance above all others in the history of the World (past, present, and future).  This is referenced by at least three phrases: The Day of the Lord, The Day of Judgement, The Day of Affliction, or simply, In That Day. 

As we study the various descriptions of this day, we must allow them to build a story-like description by combining them into a complete picture as opposed to taking one and discarding the rest.  We have examples of this sort of study in other places in scripture.  For example, since there are three different descriptions of the Throne of God, one can either conclude two are incorrect, or we can conclude they are being seen from different angles.  The same is true with the descriptions of the Messiah which led the religious leaders, at the time of Yeshua / Jesus’ birth, to disqualify him.  Using this example, he was born in Bethlehem but came from Egypt (returning to Israel after Herod’s death) and grew up in the Nazareth in the Galilee.  Different prophesies seemed to indicate different things when in reality all were true.  They needed to be understood as different aspects of the same story. 

It is not the intent of this study to draw conclusions for the student of prophecy.  The intent is to provide resource and motivation for the student to gain, for themselves, under-standing of what many feel are soon coming events.  As one studies each scripture, one should apply the newspaper reporter’s questioning technique to the passage.  It is imperative one keeps each in context and so one needs to look for the who, what, where, when, why and how of the prophecy. 

Further, the concept of the two houses of Israel is absolutely spelled out in many of these prophecies.  Without understanding the “grafting-in” concept Paul explains, one cannot see the relevance to themselves in the scriptures.  As Paul explains in Ephesians 2:11-12, believers have become citizens of the commonwealth of Israel.  Although some believe The Church stands as a separate entity, this is not scriptural but man-made doctrine.  Please note: The Church, by name, is found NOWHERE in the prophets.  Since God told the prophets all His plan for the world, it becomes clear believers are there in the plan . . . that is, unless the Creator of the Universe is a different God to them. 

And so, who are the two houses of Israel?  They are the House of Judah, and the House of Israel.  Confusing?  Not really.  The Whole House of Israel divided, after the death of Solomon, into the House of Israel (Northern Kingdom) and the House of Judah (Southern Kingdom).  Then the Northern Kingdom was divorced by God (Jeremiah 3:8) and they were driven out of the land in 722 BC.  However, this is not the final end to the House of Israel.  In Hosea 1:10, the Father tells the House of Israel it will be regathered into the very land they once had.  The other aspect of this story of return is the House of Israel will lose its Hebrew identity altogether, even to the extent of not keeping Sabbath and God’s feasts.  A study of Hosea will bring out much of this story. 

Which house is in the land today?  Since this study will show the return of the House of Israel occurring around, if not on, the Day of the Lord, obviously, those in the Land today are the House of Judah.  Remember too, only the House of Israel loses it’s complete Hebrew identity. And, by the way, Paul refers to the Northern Kingdom in captivity in terms of the Pharisees since most of those he wrote knew the terminology.  Simply put, if you were not following Pharisaic law, you were by first century definition a Gentile or Greek.  This term was used regardless of bloodline heritage.

One final thing to remember is the Messiah’s job is to reunite all the tribes.  This has to happen before the Millennial Reign.  Acts 1:6 refers to this.  The apostles knew the Restoration of the Kingdom was to be one of the final acts before the Millennium.  In this study one will find this theme regularly.

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